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  Mike McCarthy, Tournament Director, (344-9223, mikem1467@aol.com) for additional information.


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Larry Buffington 

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Welcome to the Treasure Valley Senior Scratch Tour web site!  (TVSST)

March will be the last tournament before the Grand Finals

FEB. Champ  Don Robinson

Mike Galloway won the STORM Ball 

Welcome to the Treasure Valley Senior Scratch Tour, a series of monthly tournaments for men and women, ages 50 and over, who are interested in improving their game while enjoying a friendly, competitive bowling atmosphere.

Tournaments are scheduled from September through April at Westy’s Garden Lanes in Boise . Lane conditions will be changed for each tournament, giving players a chance to compete on a variety of conditions.

Entries can be submitted at the tournament.

All entry fees after direct expenses are returned to the participants in the form of prize money. At least one out of four bowlers is guaranteed to cash. Optional side-pots and brackets are also available.

While there are no minimum average requirements, participants should be able to maintain a league average of 180 or over under normal conditions, in order to effectively compete.

The tournament format is basically as follows (see Rules page for additional information).

  • Participants bowl 4 games of qualifying across 4 pairs of lanes
  • High qualifiers in each of four age groups (50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65 and over) will receive an automatic bye into the 1st round of match play. All women compete in the 65 and over age bracket, regardless of age.
  • The next 8 highest total scores will move into match play.
  • The 4 winners in Round 1 will bowl the four high qualifiers
  • Those 4 winners will advance to the next round and the two final winners will bowl a single game for the championship.
  • All matches are a single game. Until the championship match, opponents are selected by a blind draw.

Buffington Sport Bowling Consulting

Video Analysis

Upon request, a video analysis session can be conducted. It includes stop-motion evaluation of the bowlers’ entire game, together with timing, arm ’swing plane’ motion and release. Views from the side and back offer a detailed perspective. A copy of the video will be provided at the end of the lesson and can be viewed on computer or DVD player.

Bowl Easier – Have More Fun!

Phone: 208.371.9047

Email: larry@bowlidaho.com

Contact Mike McCarthy, Tournament Director, (344-9223, mikem1467@aol.com) for additional information.